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To whom it may concerned,

Good afternoon Mr. Prosecutor,

Congreso Nacional Ciudadano is an activist group from Mexico with more than 1 million members nationwide, who figths everyday to empower its citizens and fights against the sistematic injustice, violence and corruption that prevails at the moment in our Country´s governtment. We want to place a petition against Enrique Pena Nieto, our President for his crimes against humanity and the sistematic corruption that he had lead during his governtment.

I was told by telephone that we don´t need a formal appointment, but that i should send this message in order to inform when and at what time we intend to deliver our petition at your headquarters, is that correct?.

We intend to be there this next 7th or 8th of november at 4 in the afternoon to deliver to you in person our petition, there will be 3 persons from our organization to place the petition. Could you be so kind to confirm if our intend is possible?.

Best regards,

Congreso Nacional Ciudadano

49 176 84834100